16 Pack Oral B Toothbrush Head Replacements for Oral B Electric Toothbrushes - 4pcs. from each brush head - 4 refills per pack

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  • 16 DURABLE ORAL B TOOTHBRUSH HEADS: Work your way to healthy teeth and white smile with your new replacement heads. Find out which one works best for you or rotate between them to get the most out of your Oral B electric toothbrush.
  • HIGH-QUALITY FUNCTIONAL BRISTLES: Get clean teeth thanks to the durable bristles, which access even hard-to-reach dental spaces. Their rounded tips will provide gentle gum care, while the reminder bristles will remind you when it's time to move to a new toothbrush head.
  • COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with the entire Oral B series including Oral B Pro 6000 Crossaction, Oral B Vitality, Oral B Cross Action Pro 650. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH Oral B Sonic & Oral B Pulsonic Toothbrushes. The BabyOral Bundle is a replacement for the Braun Oral B heads Floss Action, Cross Action, 3D White and Precision Clean.
  • SUPERIOR CLEANING ACTION: Use the Oral B replacement heads to prevent gum disease, remove dental plaque and tooth stain discoloration. Every toothbrush replacement is 5 x more effective at plaque removal than any traditional manual toothbrush.
  • BabyOral® 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: What does that mean? We truly believe that our electric toothbrush heads are very high quality, so if you are not satisfied with your purchase, we will refund your order, no questions asked!

Product description

The BabyOral 16 pcs. Toothbrush Heads Variety Pack will help you find out which Oral B toothbrush works best for you or just to let you rotate between the different models so you can build your own ultimate dental cleaning routine!
Use the Oral B replacement heads to remove plaque, tooth stains and prevent gum disease. Surprise everyone with healthy teeth and a winning white smile!

Fully compatible with the following models of the Oral B Toothbrushes:

• Oral-B Vitality Precision Clean
• Oral-B Vitality Dual Clean
• Oral-B Vitality Floss Action
• Oral-B Vitality Cross Action
• Oral-B Vitality Pro White
• Oral-B Vitality Sensitive
• Oral-B Vitality TriZone
• Oral-B Professional Care
• Oral-B Professional Care SmartSeries
• Oral-B TriZone
• Oral-B Advance Power
• Oral-B Pro Health
• Oral-B Triumph
• Oral-B Deep Sweep
• Oral-B Black

Warning! NOT compatible with Oral-B Sonic and Pulsonic! 
With every order of our Variety Bundle at BabyOral you get replacements for the following refills:

• 1 x 4 Pack Precision Clean
• 1 x 4 Pack 3D White
• 1 x 4 Pack Floss Action
• 1 x 4 Pack Cross Action