Philips Sonicare Toothbrush Heads, 8 Pack, Fits Philips Sonicare Electric Toothbrush DiamondClean,Plaque Control,Gum Health,FlexCare,HealthyWhite,EasyClean,HydroClean,PowerUp,Sonicare for Kids

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✅ BabyOral brush heads have been clinically tested to provide optimal results. vibrating at thousands of times per minute,your teeth will be cleaned exceptionally well.
✅ Reminder bristles will fade when a replacement is needed, usually three months
✅ The 304 stainless steel ring can balance brush head vibration and reduce noise
✅ Up to 7x more plaque removal versus a manual toothbrush.Removes up to 100% more stains than a manual toothbrush for whiter teeth in only 7 days .
✅ Snap-On Toothbrush System - Fits for Philips Sonicare 2 Series Plaque Control,3 Series Gum Health,DiamondClean,EasyClean,Essence+,FlexCare,FlexCare+,FlexCare Platinum,HealthyWhite,HealthyWhite+,Power Up,Sonicare for Kids and HydroClean Toothbrush handles.
✅ What You Get - Contains 8 pack of BabyOral Philips Sonicare Toothbrush Head with our fan-favorite 18-month warranty and friendly customer service .100% Satisfied Guarantee and Money-Back Guarantee

<br>Brand: <b>BabyOral </b> <br> <br> ---------------------------------------<br> ➤<b>Comfortable Brushing Experience</b> <br> End-rounded US DuPont Tynex Nylon Bristlesare are gentle on gums and clean thoroughly teeth surface with comfortable brushing experience.<br> <br>➤ <b>Reminder Bristles</b><br> Blue reminder bristles fade in color to remind you it is time for a replacement, to ensure brush head replacement every 3 months as recommended by the ADA (American Dental Association).<br><br> ➤<b>What You Get</b> <br>Contains 8 pack Philips Sonicare Toothbrush Head <br><br>➤ <b>Fits The Following Philips Sonicare Handles:</b> <br>✅PowerUp <br>✅Essence+<br> ✅EasyClean<br> ✅HydroClean<br> ✅DiamondClean<br> ✅ProtectiveClean<br> ✅SoniCare for Kids<br> ✅3 Series Gum Health<br>✅DiamondClean Smart <br>✅2 Series Plaque Control <br>✅HealthyWhite, HealthyWhite +<br> ✅FlexCare,FlexCare +,FlexCare Platinum<br> ✅Essence+(NOT Compatible with Essence) <br> <br> HX9322 HX9331 HX9332 HX9334 HX9336 HX9340 HX9342 HX9350 HX9351 HX9352 HX9361 HX9362 HX9371<br> HX9372 HX9381 HX9382 HX8923 HX8911 HX8918 HX6710 HX6712 HX6722 HX6730 HX6732 HX6733 HX6750<br> HX6761 HX6781 HX6782 HX6780 HX6921 HX6930 HX9024 HX6972 HX6973 HX6992 HX9140 HX9141 HX9142<br> HX6970 HX6934 HX6902 HX6903 HX6910 HX6920 HX6932 HX6985 HX9110 HX9111 HX6911 HX6952 HX6201<br> HX6211 HX6212 HX6220 HX6231 HX6221 HX6250 HX6252 HX6253 HX6530 HX6510 HX6511 HX6512 HX6552<br> HX6311 HX6320 HX6322 HX6330 HX6340 HX3211 HX3281 HX3211 HX3281 HX6220 HX6211 HX6231 HX6201<br> HX6212 HX6221 HX6250 HX6252 HX6253 HX3631 HX3650 HX3631 HX3100 HX3110 HX3120 HX3130 <br><br>➤<b>100% Satisfied Guarantee</b> If you are not 100% satisfied with this purchase, feel free to contact us and we'll either replace or refund your order.<br> <br><br>Our fan-favorite 18-month warranty and friendly customer service!!<br>➤<b>Choose BabyOral for your dental health and white smile! </b>